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Dave Grohl stellt klar…

Vor einigen Tagen ging die Nachricht um einen offenen Brief von Dave Grohl an Metallica durchs Netz. Jetzt stellt Dave Grohl klar:

„[I] Just wanted to write a quick note to clear up this whole ‚Open letter to Metallica‘ fiasco,“ said Grohl.

„For the record, I never ‚wrote‘ anything to Metallica. I was asked by a journalist, at the end of a long interview (about the Foo Fighters) to give a quick message to Metallica in the studio.

„So, I rattled that quote off the top of my head. No biggie, right? Somehow it became my ‚open letter‘ to the band…

„Now, it’s true that I’ve been a loyal fan of this band for 25 years, and I can’t wait to hear the new shit, but an „open letter“ to the band?!!?? Nah. Not my style. I’d rather just text ‚em……“

Quelle: Ultimate Guitar


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